• Alterna

    Alterna has over 13 years of experience in the communications, social media, digital marketing, and video production industries. Innovation and creative thinking are the fuel that keeps us and our clients growing every day. Our culture revolves around our core values: innovation, sustainability, equality, transparency and commitment.
  • What We Do

    We support our clients from the idea and brainstorming process, all the way through the distribution and results analysis phase. Alterna has achieved great results for multiple companies and institutions, and yours could be next.
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  • They Grew With Us

    Over the years we have worked with a very diverse group of companies and institutions. We understand every client is different, and that they have different needs. We got your back! We are here to guide you throughout your growing process.
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    You have seen what we can offer, we have the experience and tools to show the world what you do best. Now is your time to grow.
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    At Alterna, we transform ideas into digital solutions and shape careers. Our success has been built on the brilliance of individuals like you, and the next chapter could be yours. Ready to dive into digital advertising? Apply now and grow with us!
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